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Motzko stayed in Lester Prairie for a couple of many years


Motzko stayed in Lester Prairie for a couple of many years

Frank’s third young buck, Nick, was given birth to December seven, 1869, in the Franklin Township and on February 3, 1892, the guy married Mary Pogreba. After the the wedding, Mr. and you can Mrs. They relocated to Franklin Township within the 1894 and you can paid to the a good farm five miles southwest from Delano. These people were mom and dad from 11 college students: Cecelia, Mary, Kathryn, Adelaide, Nick Jr., Peter, Clara, Clem, Lucille, George, and you may Henrietta.

Before Nick Jr. and Peter was indeed born the fresh older girls needed to let the father to the ranch errands, and also in the fresh industries along with the animals. Due to the fact loved ones became when you look at the count group had chores to complete. The children got its each day occupations out-of answering the fresh wood box. Timber online dating vs konvensjonell dating consuming stoves were used to cook and you will heat our home. Kerosene lamps was indeed its light source and they was required to end up being full of kerosene and the chimneys cleared each and every day. When finding your way through cold weather, categories of women would get together and now have feather-removing bees. They would gather as much as a big desk heaped with goose feathers, and strip brand new feather regarding quill. The latest feathers were used in and work out pads and you will feather ticks. Muslin issue was used towards the covering. The new feather presses was indeed comparable to an effective quilt, but warmer, really softer and light weight. These were a requirement, as belongings were not hot upstairs. Henrietta recalls cold weather wintertime nights and covering up together with her feather tick. Both a hot stone otherwise iron is actually wrapped in situation and you may set during the base of the bed beneath the feather tick. The household utilized a sleigh and you may class out of horses as their transportation on the winter season. This could be a cooler trip if heat fell lower than no. Therefore to keep loving, they’d temperature stones, bricks, or irons and place these types of throughout the sleigh within the blankets and feather tick it employed for hiding.

Nick retired into the 1940 and you can Mr. and you can Mrs. Motzko moved for the Delano. It existed into 3rd Highway, inside your home in which Cecelia Gallus lives today. Nick died July step 1, 1955, and his wife, Mary, passed away October 8, 1953.

Paul Janikula) and you can Flower (Mrs

Cecelia, new eldest of your own Nick Motzko children, married German Socher. They certainly were mom and dad from ten pupils: Aloys, Lucy (Mrs. Laurence Kusha), Dorothy (Mrs. John Czeck), Leona (Mrs. Clarence Yantes), Ambrose, Alex, Clarence, Leo, Eileen, and you will Cecelia. German died within the 1931, Cecelia up coming married Peter Gallus.

Mary married Tom Yaney as well as was basically mom and dad from 7 children: Beatrice, Leonard, Gladys, Rosemary, Eleanor, Genevieve, and Archie. Kathryn hitched John Russek in addition they have been mom and dad of 5 children: Clarence, Bernadette, Jack, Irene, and you may Mane. Adelaide partnered Andrew Florek along with two pupils: Mary (Mrs. Donald Holmgren) and you will Ralph. Nick Motzko Jr. partnered Marge Baumann. Their young man are Donald. Peter Motzko partnered Lucy Gnitka and additionally they had you to young man, Alfred. Clara hitched Honest Janicula, they were the parents of six youngsters: Lorraine, James, Marvin, Patricia, Elaine, and you may Carol. Costs Eppel) resides in Delano. Lucy Bernick and they’ve got about three children: Richard, Mary Lou, and you can Carmen. George Motzko married Mary Farniok plus they got eight people: George Jr., Thomas, Ralph, Steven, Theresa, Susan, Arlene, Angie, and you can Georgina. Henrietta partnered Artwork Yantes and additionally they got four sons: Dale, Jerry, Daryl, and you may Bryan Dewayne.

Honest and you can uel, married Rose David and you can transferred to Minneapolis. The fresh daughters off Frank and you can Mary was Julia (Mrs. Peter Klick).

Clem Motzko stays in Northern Minnesota, his daughter, Lenore (Mrs

Frank Motzko was born in Oppeln, Poland into the 1822. The guy married Catherine Pogreba, who was born into the 1832. Honest and Catherine concerned Franklin Township through its young man, August during the 1870 and in 1887, Catherine is strike because of the lightening and you may passed away. Honest passed away into the April 1, 1894.

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